The following files are the transcripts you’ve requested. Please note that these are recorded audio, and the recording device is good but not perfect. I have added notation as needed [like so].


Lapointe: Session one. Test. TEST. Yes, it seems to be recording.

Pause of 21 seconds, sound of movement. Incomprehensible voice.

Lapointe: ..yes just this way ma’am. Have a seat- oh, I shall have adequate seating provided for our next meeting.

Client: We’ll make due. Still waiting for proper office furniture. Fuck, you’d not beli-

Scraping noise.

[A chair was claimed and sat in what I can only call a backwards fashion. While she seems familiar with this maneuver, it has damaged the backrest. Cost of replacement has already been sent to the OH claims department.]

Lapointe: I would like to remind you that these sessions are recorded, as per your contract. Could you please take the time to provide information for the record?

Client: Fine.

Lapointe: Begin client recognition, ah good. This one has a little light now for that. Perfect- right. State your full name.

Client: Temirah Nazari.

Voice identification added.

Lapointe: Agency and callsign?

Temirah: Really? Aren’t you employed by OH too?

Lapointe: No. I am on contract. Please, the sooner we get through this the sooner we can address why you are here. Reset answer. Agency and call-

Temirah: Ontario Heroes and… “Terminus”.

[There is a lot to unpack here. We’ll spend a future session on it. For now I recommend reassignment of callsign.]

Lapointe: Date of birth?

Temirah: [Patient requested this expunged, and I must legally comply.]

Lapointe: Alright. Oh! Wonderful! It even has a little ding when it’s done. Right. Would you care to confirm why you are here today.

Silence for 4 seconds.

Lapointe: Miss Naz..ury was it?

Temirah: Nazari. Mirah is fine.

Lapointe: Mirah. Alright, could you please answer the question?

Temirah: You know why.

Silence for 2 seconds.

Lapointe: Your referral from your superior states that you have a disruptive attitude and are not a team player. He is concerned you may be having trouble in your personal lif-

Laughter. [Temirah, And I should say, this next section was far less professional than I expect from my other OH clients]

Temirah: Is THAT what he called it? It’s not my fault that kid was a racist. Nore that he mouthed off to my face while armed.

Lapointe: The report says he’ll need a prosthetic leg after you assaulted him.

Temirah: He floats at will and throws wind around with his wings. He’ll be fine.

Silence for 3 seconds.

Temirah: Doctor?

Lapointe: T-that is all we have time for today. Please speak with my receptionist for another appointment.

Patient exits.

Lapointe: Christ. End session.


She is imposing to be in the presence of, but OH contracts are always like this. There are many topics I wish to cover in future sessions. It is not irregular for new transfers to have ‘growing pains’ in the organization.


Lapointe: Session two. Recording begins now.

Client enters. [Sound pattern recognition, no more attempts to define common noises. I love this recorder]

Lapointe: Welcome back Tema-…mirah!

Temirah: Doctor.

Client is seated.

Lapointe: How have you been?

Temirah: For the last month? About the same. Bluejay kid, what’s his name, Avro. Heard he moved to Quebec. ASQ even got him some grappling hook for a foot. So that’s good for him. I’m sure you’ve already seen my record, I don’t need to repeat it.

Lapointe: I have, but we can talk about that later. Firstly, I was hoping to get to know you better. Would you care to talk about your childhood? Your country of origin perhaps? It was not listed in the file.

Temirah: Ah, ‘back home’ yeah?

[I nod to this, she seems excited to share these details]

Temirah: It was lovely there, my folks had a quaint little two storey place. Was a little awkward to get around, no one really makes houses for… people like me.

Lapointe: Atypical Morphism?

Silence for 2 seconds.

Temirah: Yes. Anyway. The town I grew up in was just west of the capital actually, less than an hour through farmland. Lovely river there too. Weather could be harsh at times, but we managed. Was on the south bank of a river. North side spoke primarily a different language, caused some tension, but I dunno. I’ve not got some dark gritty childhood. No abuse or dead parents. Eventually we moved to Montreal, Dad got a contract up there so we all moved. My folks still live there. When my power manifested, or well, when doctors stopped telling us it was just nervous spasms… anyway. I moved to Kanata. Small apartment, but the building is… ‘Atypical Friendly’.

Lapointe: I see! I can tell we’ll need to spend some time talking about your discovery of being a Super, but for this session I’d love to get some more background. I noticed you’ve not actually said where you came from. What brought your family to Canada?

Silence for 5 seconds. [At the time she seemed deep in thought.]

Temirah: You know. I can’t ask my great grandfather why he came here. Dad doesn’t talk about him much. I was born in Arnprior.

Lapointe: There’s no need to be so convoluted in your answers here, but thank you for informing m-

Temirah: Why don’t we talk about something else. Please. Do you use twitter much? Keep up on your clients?

[While I wished to examine her defensiveness over her place of birth, it would have to wait for another session.]

Lapointe: At times. Are you saying I should follow yours?

Temirah: No, not at all. Just asking, seemed like it could be interesting.

Lapointe: If I may, why do you seem so defensive with me? I am here to help you with your interpersonal issues in the workplace, and any further problems you may be facing in your personal life. I can’t help if you don’t work with me. Faint alarm sounds. [Her phone.]

Temirah: Oh look at that doctor, duty calls. We will need to talk more later. If you’ll excuse me, it seems I am needed elsewhere.

Client leaves.

Lapointe: [expunged]… well. I’ll charge for a half session then. End recording.

Thoughts: Even provided with a proper couch for someone of her built, Temirah seems to be confrontational. Additionally OH had no record of her being summoned to duty at the time of our appointment. I may need to have a quiet word with her superior about her attitude.

The next two session’s recordings were lost. Another client had damaged the recording equipment and the replacement, covered by OH, did not arrive in time for the following session. By law, I cannot share my written observations during the sessions, but I can offer brief summation. Session 3 covered further familial topics. All details are already public knowledge, or irrelevant to your initial cause of request. Session 4 was soon after the official hearing of her alleged assault on her coworker. While relieved she was not harshly penalized for her actions. She did express frustration at the coaching she received beforehand, and reframing of “hateful rhetoric” as “comradery teasing gone too far”. Lapointe: Session five, Temirah Naziri. Recording begins now.


Client enters.

Lapointe: Welcome back, I’m sorry we had to delay this session a week.

Temirah: Sure, Doctor. Client is seated.

Lapointe: How have you been doing since our last session?

Temirah: Fine. It feels good to be back on full duty. A month of emergency response only gets very dull and pays poorly.

Lapointe: Good to hear, and your interactions with other Supers?

Temirah: Honestly?

Lapointe: Yes. That’s what you’re here for. We’re wasting our time if you don’t be honest with me.

Temirah: I thought I was an asshole before joining up with OH, “Collateral damage is other people’s problem.” Said that a lot. Then I saw Dynamite on a job. Suddenly I feel a lot better about my repair bills.

Lapointe: …go on.

Temirah: I thought I was being polite. Boss says I need to be better about how I voice myself in the office. I’ve almost mastered not even blinking at “gay” being “bad” in the office space.

Silence for 3 seconds, sigh undefined. [Her]

Lapointe: Are you a homosexual?

Temirah: Does it matter? I wasn’t aware it had been made illegal.

Lapointe: So is that a yes?

Temirah: Refusal to answer isn’t inherent guilt. We had to watch a training video on it and everything. Or at least, be in the room with it playing on the TV. Anyway, I’m integrating, buying a punching bag helped a lot. Suggestion from a twitter follower that one.

[Notably still not an answer, which worries me.]

Lapointe: Noted, you asked before if I use the service. You have a lot of interaction with people on it?

Temirah: Yeah. Somehow I have fans? A few wanna-be rivals even; weird but alright. Target practice I guess. Some interesting interactions, a lot of hate. Take the good with the bad.

Lapointe: That’s a healthy stance on it. Especially if you’ve been able to get some useful advice from it. Now I’d like to talk to you about your power if you don’t mind?

Temirah: Shoot.

Lapointe: You mentioned earlier it manifested, but wasn’t realised, at a young age. Please tell me about it.

Temirah: Fine, Doc. Got in several fights as a kid. ‘Amorphic’ and non-european lineage, after all. Get smart asses who think it’s fun to pick on the loner girl. Won every time, for a while I didn’t even get hit. Teachers kept accusing me of picking fights so I started intentionally taking a beating just to be believed. With it came a lot of nerves, twitches. Doctors kept roaming from some bogus ADD theories to nervous system damage. Eventually we had more… direct testing. I was using powers. At first people thought I was another speedster. But no, fucking fed bitch gets to keep her crown there.

Silence for 3 seconds, faint undulation. [the recorder still hasn’t learned what drinking water is]

Temirah: Precognition. Not like, seeing the future. I wish. No, Physical only. Can feel punches before the arm’s even lifted for the windup. About a two second prediction of a door opening by feeling the air movement before it happens? It’s very hard to explain, it’s something you just have to feel to understand.

Lapointe: Interesting….

Shuffling sound. [I picked up a pen to throw it, but noticed the client’s arm moving before revealing the object.] [Silence for 2 seconds, added manually]

Temirah: Fucking throw the pen! I’m going to have a headache if you-… nevermind. Too late. Fine. Fucking fine! You had me talking about it so I was more focused and now it hurts. Thank you.

Lapointe: Sorry, I’m sorry. I was unaware you had this reaction.

Temirah: NO SHIT?! It’s almost like OH doesn’t openly publish my weakness for everyone to exploit! It’s bad enough with the fed bitch playing hell with her cute little boxes of crayons. [Other OH clients have mentioned similar harassment by Aurora supers. ]

Heavy breathing for 5 seconds.

Temirah: Okay. It’s fine. You didn’t know. That’s fine. Anyway. Anyway, right. God my head hurts. With extensive use I get jittery. Nervous energy. Fine motor control slips if I’m not focusing on it.

Lapointe: You don’t see that as more of a flaw?

Temirah: It sucks, but I can function. My grandmother, mom’s side, had some horrible shakes before she passed and was still painting until the last few years.

Lapointe: Would I know her work?

Temirah: No, She made enough to get by, mostly still life of flowers or parks. I have a few originals around the apartment. More sentimental value than financial.

Lapointe: I see. I’m sorry for your family’s loss. You seem to be handling it well.

Temirah: It’s been six years now? I miss her, but that’s life.

Lapointe: “That’s life”. Interesting stance from someone with your usual MO.

Temirah: That’s life. Some people die surrounded by loved ones. Some die by being thrown through a fourth storey window… after being involved in the gang [r*pe] and attempted murder of a minor.

Lapointe: I know the incident you’re talking about. That seemed excessive, don’t you think?

Temirah: It was him out the window or diving over his son to take the bullet. His ‘associates’ rather quickly surrendered afterward. All in all the best result of a horrible situation.

Lapointe: You seem to respect your family, but show little care for having killed a father in front of his son. Why do you think that is?

Silence for 4 seconds.

Temirah: Why do you keep doing that?

Lapointe: What?

Temirah: Making things about me rather than the person in the wrong.

Lapointe: You constantly put yourself in the best light in our discussions. It is well documented that Supers have a tendency to embellish the moral nature of their actions.

Temirah: You… really? Really?! That man assaulted his child, with THREE other men! He was going to murder the kid when we showed up. And somehow you want me to feel bad for throwing him out a window?

Lapointe: I’m not saying he was in the right, but that doesn’t inherently make you so. That boy had to watch you kill his father, that has effects on someone.

Temirah: More than what he’d been through befor-… fine. Fine. I’m getting worked up and this headache isn’t helping. [She seems to have lost some control of her left hand, as it was twitching erratically through the exchange]

Loud sigh, followed by silence for 6 seconds, client stands from couch.

Temirah: This has been very… enlightening, Doc. Thank you. I’ll see you next time.

Client exits.

Lapointe: That’s that then. End Recording.

**Thoughts: **

I still worry she is hiding far too much from me. I have spoken to her superior on several occasions now. While she hasn’t had incidents with a fellow Super since Avro, she may not last long in OH with her current attitude… although her power is undoubtedly valuable.

Addendum: She did not actually book a new appointment when she left. My secretary has, after several calls, set up our next meeting. He clearly did not enjoy the experience. She has also at this point posted a “subtweet” misrepresenting my stance as supporting the father’s assault. I will inform Temirah’s superiors of this poor behavior.

Addendum 2: On some research into Temirah’s social media, It seems she has become a divisive topic. Her only interactions are with people supporting her views, some of which have been flagged in the past as Korps sympathisers. Her superior has asked me to address this in our next session.

Addendum 3: She has now been a no-show for two appointments. Punitive measures have been instituted by her superior.

While clearly there are other issues present in this session; I refuse to work with anyone freshly off the field again. This is not part of my contract, and a second occurence will be considered a breach of it. If you feel otherwise, we can negotiate a new arrangement. This is the final session with this client.


Lapointe: Session, what is this… six. Session six, begin recording.

Temirah: Doctor. Sorry about the mess.

Sound of heavy movement, client entering? Estimate unclear. [Full armor, still armed. This is unacceptable for a therapy session.]

Lapointe: What brings you in, in a condition like this?

Client is seated.

Temirah: Boss insisted I come this time. Detoured the wagon on the way back to drop me off.

Lapointe: You’ve been avoiding our sessions.

Temirah: And you’ve told him. He’s not fond of it being his problem so here I am.

Lapointe: Seems like you don’t even want to pretend you want to be here anymore.

Temirah: Not like I contractually have any other option.

Silence for 4 seconds.

Lapointe: Well. If that’s how this is going to be. You’re still required to make these sessions or I will inform your superior. If you want to make this a confrontational experience then that is on you.

Client snorts.

Lapointe: Well, let’s talk about twitter. You seem more active on it lately.

Temirah: Ah, you follow my tweets now. Good to know.

Lapointe: I’m not interested in your ‘subtweet’. We all need to vent, and you didn’t directly name me. Fine. No I want to talk about… now what was it… oh yes #TerminusTheTerrorist.

Silence for 3 seconds.

Lapointe: seems to have started from retort for a recent incident.

Temirah: Ah. yes. The proud wonderful lads who, in their patriotic wisdom, tried to car bomb and NDP Rally.

Lapointe: You detonated the car with them inside it.

Temirah: Their guilt was recorded, live, on their twitter accounts and live stream they were running at the time.

Lapointe: You actively made it a live snuff film, Mirah.

Temirah: It’s not my fault they were recording themselves committing terrorist action. Maybe we should have stricter laws about broadcasting hate speech. It’s not my fault that their fans were already poised to start tweeting when it happened. Narrative is easy to control when you get to flood the initial news on it!

Loud thump, growling sound. [She slammed her fist into the wall, although I doubt evidence of that damage matters now.]

Lapointe: Breathe. Calm. I’m not blaming you for doing the wrong thing, but you acted before your support was properly in plac-… look. There are regulations for a reason!

Temirah: “Regulations are for Aurora” Dynamite says. You keep telling me to take the advice of my more experienced colleagues, I’m trying.

Faint buzz alarm.

Temirah: Ah look at that. Another fight in my mentions over whether calling me a terrorist is racist or “correct for my religion”. Wonderful! I’ve already made an auto-blocklist for people saying “Go back where you came from.” 407 and counting.

Lapointe: I’d like to apologize again for how I treated you in our second session, it was wrong of me to assu-

Temirah: “Ass out of you and me”, yes I know doctor. 408.

Lapointe: Yes. Right. Would you please put the phone away? [She complied] How about we move on to talking about today’s work? Are you at liberty to share?

Temirah: I don’t see why not. Simple snatch and grab. Bit of a fight, extracted some suspects.

Lapointe: Abduction?

Temirah: Ah, you in fact do do that to everyone then? I thought it was just me.

Lapointe: Continue please.

Temirah: Some of those Korps weirdos. Way more common in Toronto than up here, I’m sure you’ve seen the news. Anyway, we broke up some kind of… kink party? I don’t know. A lot of leather and latex ‘clothing items’ left behind when they booked it. Two of the ones we picked up even already had handcuffs on. Convenient.

Lapointe: Now what will happen to them?

Temirah: Questioning, then prison perhaps? I don’t know what OH does with suspected terrorists these days. I’ve stopped asking questions outside of the fieldwork. Seems to help me be a team player, and far less disruptive.

Lapointe: How do you feel about the overlap on twitter between these “Korps weirdos” and people subscribed to your blocklist?

Temirah: Oh? You’ve even done research! I don’t even know how to check that kind of dat- Doctor! Get down!

Lapointe: What?

Crashing sound, Unknown noise, overloaded for 4 seconds. [The recorder is not programmed to identify someone punching through a wall, it seems]

???: Alright that’s as far as this goes! I’d like for you to return our party guests.

Temirah: What the FUCK are you doing here?

???: We tracked your kinkshame van here! With the amount of security here, clearly this is an interrogation!

[At this point I have hidden under my desk. Last I saw was Temirah drawing her sidearms. The attacker seemed unarmed]

Temirah: How did?… You fucking Korps spooks!

Silence for 3 seconds.

???: Oh. Oh no. I have made a mistake.

Temirah: No shit?!

Lapointe: This is a therapy session!

???: But there’s an audio recorder! Oh right, let me just…

Error 381: unknown network connection. Voice identification added: ‘L19-Re00132’ aka ‘132’ Session time 0.3 seconds. Disconnected.

132: There!

Temirah: What did you do now?

132: Why are your sessions recorded? Isn’t that illega-

Temirah: Contract states so. Boss gets the transcripts.

Lapointe: How did you know that?

Temirah: He directly quotes it at me.

132: That’s fucked up.

Temirah: Right?

Silence for 3 seconds. [This was all too surreal. I now believe reports of banter between Supers and these Korps terrorists]

132: I’m going to go.

Temirah: Oh fuck no. Your metal ass is getting arrested too!

132: Nah, I’m good.

Multiple gunshots, probably shotgun. [How does the recorder know THAT but not the sound of someone sitting in a chair?] Unclear shouting, scuffle for 12 seconds.


Heavy breathing for 3 seconds.

Lapointe: U-uhm… oh God save me is it gone?

Temirah: Your welcome. Right, thank you. Religion. I’m fairly agnostic, but hey. Middle eastern name, terrorist is just what people want to think I am. [She seems more calm now than in any previous session.]

Lapointe: H-how what? Oka-…okay.

Temirah: Something wrong? This is my day job. This is what you’re here to help me cope with right? You get to sit in your office and tell me I did my job wrong because I didn’t act with the OH’s PR foremost in my mind.

Lapointe: I- uh yes?

Temirah: Shellshock. I guess she did hit that window rather hard. You’re not bleeding, don’t worry. No, what does bother me is my parents being harrassed for my actions. Did you know about that?

[At this point she pushed her phone in my face, some twitter post with a photo of a home door defaced with spray paint.]

Temirah: Their home. If you’ll excuse me, I need to go deal with this.

Client Exits, silence for 6 seconds.

Lapointe: In God’s name, where is that recorder? I have some writing to do.

Scraping sound.

Lapointe: End Session.


Do you know how badly I wish to leave this blank? Very much so. I refuse to see this patient again, not just for the risk to my own health but she clearly does not wish the help I have to offer her.

Addendum: Having checked the news, it seems further clashes between OH and Korps were had over the suspects. Yesterday, at the time of writing. Temirah has made no attempt to reschedule, and I will not reach out to her.

In closing, I reiterate my demand for reimbursed as per our contact. Counselling for these high profile clients comes with a level of dangers I no longer feel are adequately met by OH’s security contractors. This ‘132’ is still at large, and another client has mentioned the suspects apprehended on the date of this final session were freed without charge. I am willing to renegotiate our contract, as I have been informed of positive impact with my other OH clients and do not wish them to start over with a new therapist. Perhaps I should hold these sessions at your offices instead of them bringing their work into mine.

Regards, Dr Renee Lapointe